Sunday, April 1, 2007

KWV 2006 Steen

I love wine for one simple reason. Every bottle, every vineyard, every region is unique, always a new and exciting experience. And because of that, there are hundreds of thousands (millions maybe?) of new wine experiences that one could possibly have in a life time. Wine is exciting, diverse, and versatile; you can drink it by itself or pair it with food. Wine is produced on every continent (well not Antarctica), allowing you, the drinker, to travel the world through a bottle of wine. Wine reflects where its grapes were grown, says something about the local culture, climate, and people of its home turf. Wine has many virtues, and because of this, I have decided that wine needs to become apart of my food blog, making this a food and sort-of-wine blog. I hope you enjoy, I will warn you that I am no professional wine taster, but I give it my best.

This KWV 2006 Steen from South Africa is a light bodied wine with aromas of tart, sweet green apples and faintly reminiscent of hay. It is a refreshing semi-dry white wine and tastes of tart lemons with a hint of pear. I would treat it much the same way you would treat Sauvignon Blanc, serve chilled, could be enjoyed on its own on a hot summer day, or pair with chicken, seafood, or salad etc. This KWV Steen contains 12.5% alcohol. I think this is a great buy ($7.99), it is delicious, bracing, and a thoroughly enjoyable, easy drinking white wine; great for ringing in the spring time!

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