Wednesday, April 18, 2007

BBQ Bacon Makes Everything Taste Better

Clockwise from top right: Grilled Asparagus, Red Onions, Potatoes,
Bacon, and Sesame Bread

Mmmm, grilled veggies and bacon. Nothings better than that.

Marinade (dump & pour method):
balsamic vinegar
olive oil
garlic powder
basil (dry)
oregano (dry)
rosemary (dry)
spicy brown mustard
fresh ground pepper
Mix all ingredients in a large dish/pan.

Wash 3 bunches of asparagus and trim ends, add to marinade.

Dip 8 oz of bacon in the marinade and then thread bacon onto a metal skewer.

Slice 2 red onions in half, and add to marinade.

Wash 3 medium sized potatoes. Microwave potatoes for 2 minutes. Flip potatoes over and microwave for another 3 minutes. You want the potatoes to be almost cooked through but not soft. Slice potatoes into thick slices, add to marinade. If potatoes are too soft, they will fall apart on grill.

Allow all vegetables to marinade for a half hour or so. Start your grill, get the coals nice and hot. Grill the potatoes and onions first. While the potatoes and onions are on the grill, place the skewer of bacon on top of them, allowing the flavor of the bacon to melt over the potatoes. Baste with remaining marinade. When potatoes and onions are cooked through, they should be soft and charred on the outside. Take them off the grill. Put asparagus on the grill and put the skewer of bacon back on top, as seen below. Grill asparagus until done. Take hunks of good bread (Italian/Sesame/French/whatever you like) and place on grill for a minute or so. Serve and enjoy.

Skewer of bacon sitting on top of asparagus while grilling.


Gabriel said...

Very nice. I have also a site for recipes for cooking. See. I love your recipes. I am from the Slovak Republic. Be translated through Google translate

Louisette said...

Hum, asparagus +meet, wonderfull cake
Greeting from Belgium